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We always want to add value to brands, hence our business goals are actually structured to benefit your brand.

To refresh your memory, here are our business goals;

1.       To achieve no less than 100% brand awareness strike rate in all brand activations for our clients. (Commitment by us to create 100% awareness for your brand.)

To achieve no less than 30% sales strike rate in all promotions for our clients. (Hunger us for your brand to be bought in every activation we do)

To have a 100% national footprint in all major cities and towns of South Africa. (Our desire to offer you a One-Stop service for your national needs.)


4.       To grow our market share to 30%. (Our determination to ensure that you are dealing with a marketing company that is also trusted by others)

5.       To achieve a 100% level of repeat business from all our clients. (Our unwavering confidence that we will give you such a sterling service, you will always do business with us)

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We are a strategic marketing company that develops strategies based on our analysis of your markets. We like to sort through the clutter and find the best perspective on your target markets at large.  This perspective allows us to see patterns where others simply see complexity. In addition we are very vigilant in our approach, we do not deny the risks out there in the markets, instead we draw each of them out into the open, then the risk can be mitigated. To cap it all we love to learn, it is not our claim that 4D Marketing knows everything. Any new industry or area of specialisation will be learned and our analytical minds will allow us to develop relevant marketing strategies for the new areas learned and our deliberative approach will guide us in mitigating any negative impact of competitor activity on your brand.